Main Home UI

Main Concept: Users can create screencast videos (Record there screen video) or select a video from desktop > Then add on Logo Stings (Animated Logo Openers) > Lower Thirds > Transitions > Then add audio tracks (I will provide) > Then create it into a video > Upload to YouTube > Then post to 20 social networks to build social bookmarks to help rank the videos S.E.O.

Openers (Logo Stings)

Basically users can select an animation for there logo. So they simply upload there logo and it will be added to the opener and then the opener will start at the beginning of the video.

Examples Of Logo Stings Below

Video Example

Flash Examples (Click Links Below):

Lower Thirds

User can select lower third style. Then add on the text onto the lower third. Usually people use lower thirds for adding there name and business name or website.

Add Transitions & Note Boxes

User can add on note boxes like the animated ones in the video. They can add on there own text. Also simple transitions they can add on like in that video.

Top Buttons