Welcome to the VidInfusion Training Section

Below you will find step by step tutorials for using VidInfusion

Please watch the tutorial videos below to find out exactly how to use the application. You will find detailed tutorials for each step of the process of vidinfusion. This will help you to get a good understanding on how the application works so you can get started and begin creating powerful marketing campaigns with your videos.

Adding your video

The first step is to access the vidinfusion application. Then begin creating your campaign by selecting your YouTube video url.

How To Upload Thumbnail

Adding Logo & Video Player Style

In step 2 you have the ability to add in a logo and also select your video player style.

Add Video Interactive Menus

In step 3 you can now add your video interactive menu. This is very powerful and is fully flexible for any type of video marketing campaign!

Add Call To Action Buttons

In Step 4 you can now add on timed pop ups called to action buttons, optin forms and website redirects!

Add Social Share Features

In step 5 you can select the social share buttons to allow users to share your videos with there friends!

Social Posting

Last step is to post to the most popular social networks. You also have a custom generated video embed player you can add to your websites!